About Us

We improve your business by combining industry knowledge with machine learning and AI to create new insights. Forming a shared understanding of your business challenges and co-creating solutions is the key to common success.
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Who we are
CREATESi is an interdisciplinary team of specialists. Each member has high methodical, economic and social competence. We have years of experience in the development and design of change projects. Thanks to good networking and the partnerships we've made with selected companies and institutions, CREATESi can draw on additional resources and expertise!
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What we do
We have experience in executing domain specific and cross-functional projects and use cases. With end-to-end thinking, we offer to solve problems in your existing and future anticipated ecosystem of people, processes and technology. By converging operational technology with IT, we can create new solutions and re-define your business!
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Our mission
We focus on economic development, sustainability, and operational efficiency in our work. Our mission is to bring the things we've dreamed about for the future to the present. Let's not just dream about the future, but work to create those things today!